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Gordy’s Wrist Strap

The original. Accept no substitutes.

Gordy’s Camera Straps is a small family business that began in 2005 and has since then achieved worldwide recognition for its quality, craftsmanship, style and functionality that are simply unmatched by any other brand.

Each strap is hand made from Latigo belt leather that is tough and pliable, with a natural luster that improves with age and softens with use. Gordy’s Straps have been tested to hold up to 25 lb (11 kg) of weight and is served with a 1mm diameter heavy duty polyester cord that is waxed for durability.

Click to view Gordy’s Strength Test page and The Camera Store’s Stress Test Youtube video.

Available color combinations:

Black Leather / Red Cord
Black Leather / Black Cord
Russet Leather / Red Cord
Russet Leather / Black Cord


Due to requests we now have the popular Black leather / Red cord Wrist Strap with a string mount. Compact camera users can now enjoy the quality and class of Gordy’s Camera Straps. The string is the same polyester waxed cord used in the wrapping, and it has been tested to hold up to 15 lb (6.8 kg) in weight.

Here is what Gordy has to say about his string wrist strap system:

“I use a monkey trap design to keep the attach string from pulling through. The monkey trap is a jar with something the monkey wants inside. The neck of the jar is wide enough to let the monkey put his hand in but not wide enough for the monkey to get his hand out if he has his hand full of whatever was in the jar. I use the same concept. The attach string is double knotted and the wrapping cord traps it.”

Black Leather / Red Cord
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