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First announcement of 2014: Hello ONA Bags!

How is your search for the perfect camera bag going? Not that great, huh? We thought so. While we might not have the answer to ALL of life’s questions, you might want to cross this one off your list soon, because as you read this post, ONA Bags are making their way to Canada.


If you haven’t heard of ONA, they have it all: functional designs hand made with the highest quality canvas and leather materials available. Not only that, but you’ll never have to carry your camera gear inside a bag that both screams “look everyone, camera here!” and completely cramps your style again. And yes, we’re talking to you too, ladies. Unlike other brands, ONA has not forgotten the enormous quantity of talented female photographers out there that have to suffer with the restrictions of unpractical and awful-looking bags.


So take a look at the ONA catalog here or visit their official website at ONA Bags, and please watch out for pedestrians while you race to your nearest camera store!

4 thoughts on “First announcement of 2014: Hello ONA Bags!

  1. Great news!

    Do you know if you will be carrying the Bowery Camera Bag? I have been looking to purchase this but cannot find a Canadian retailer and would like to avoid the exorbitant shipping and custom-clearing fees associated with ordering from ONA directly. Do you process online orders or ship across Canada?

    Thank you.

    1. JCL Sales Group says:

      Hi Stacey,

      We apologize for taking so long to reply! We are carrying the full ONA line, so yes to the Bowery! Hopefully you got a chance to visit one of our retail partners in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto. You can find them at our ONA Bags authorized dealer page. Thanks!

  2. Richard Nardozza says:

    Can I buy the Brixton, On a bag directly from you and if yes, is there any other cost (tax, shipping, etc)

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