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Voigtländer has returned to Canada!

Rangefinder shooters, film enthusiasts, videographers, and basically all lovers of exceptional quality brands, rejoice! After a long hiatus from our Great North, JCL is proud to announce that Voigtländer has returned to Canada, and with that all the classic names we’ve grown to love and respect. Names like Ultra-Wide Heliars, Color-Skopars, Ultrons, and Noktons are again at arms reach at exclusive Canadian dealers.


Canada will be receiving the full line of Voigtländer products, from the classic Bessa film bodies all the way to the Micro Four Third Nokton series, and every special, new release in between – yes, we are talking about you Mr. VM 50mm F1,5 Limited Edition Chrome!


So keep your eyes peeled for any new releases and visit your local specialty camera store for any and all Voigtländer goodies. Happy shooting!

Photographer – Vitor Munhoz | Model – Eduardo Mottin | Assistant – Marcel Bosio

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