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July 13, 2015


Precision is our passion

There are many reasons to use an analogue camera nowadays. Even if digital photography is meanwhile omnipresent, there are strong arguments for many enthusiastic professional and hobby photographers to hang on also on analogue photography.

Their motivation reaches from enthusiasm about premium mechanic up to a puristic view of photography, with the desire to secure scenes authentically. Anyone who decides for analogue wants to take and present his subjects in the highest possible quality.

Therefore they need well-engineered high quality cameras, whose Features concentrate to the essential requirements of photography. As well in 35mm format, as also in medium format, Voigtländer cameras offer the photographer a broad spectrum of design with its various options for settings. The quality of the used materials is traditionally designed for a long and intensive use of the cameras.

With our analogue cameras as a perfect tool only the technical and artistic skills of the photographer define the image result.

Analogue cameras from Voigtländer – Discover the genuine clear photography.




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